Fortsatt raketregn (men det talar vi tyst om)

Jag vill bara meddela herrskapet om att det fortfarande, trots den svenska pressens tystnad (tills israelerna slår tillbaka, ty det är härligt och lajbans att trasha Israel och konstant dra den judiska staten i smutsen) regnar palestinska raketer över det heliga landet.
Igår avfyrades minst fyra glada raketer.

Följ Qassam Count på Twitter eller Facebook, ty snart slår israelerna tillbaka med stor kraft och då blir det ett jädra liv och där står ni med judehat i ögonen och vet ingenting om någonting.

Uppdatering: god morgon!

Min israeliske vän om Konflikten och ”Gazas tårar”

I ett tidigare inlägg var det mitt israeliska ex som tog till orda om Konflikten och propagandarullen Gazas tårar. Idag är det min israeliske vän – den frispråkige Z som ryter till (han lever trots allt i en demokrati med yttrande- och åsiktsfrihet och hela kittet).

Several scenes of the movie are fabricated (aka – ”Pallywood”) – please don’t ask me how I know… .
Another point one should take into consideration:
Our troops protect our citizens. Their ”fredom fighters” hide within civilians. Of course there would be civilian casualties.
Our TV NEVER EVER show dead bodies or mutilated injuries when terrorists act against us. They DO show bodies and bloody body parts, as part of their bloody nature. It’s as if they worship blood and get multiple orgasms while shouting ”Allah is great”.
I really want to send you a big big hug, because I realize just how frustrating and even insulting it is to hear those views on the Swedish press.
I have no idea why the Scandinavians are so obsessed with the Palestinians (while they remian silent when it comes to Syria butchering hundreds of Syrians on a daily basis).
When and if the time comes when you and *namn på livspartner* want to live here – I can pull some strings in making it much easier for you guys.
I love you with all my heart for being so supportive and a great believer in the TRUTH about Israel.
Looking forward to giving you a massive hug.

Mitt israeliska ex om Konflikten och ”Gazas tårar”

I don’t believe one frame of this movie.

Palestinians want one thing – Israel terminated. They know how to photo their dead but they always “forget” to show the terror attacks over Israeli citizens that causes the Israeli DEFENSE forces to respond (like in last year when they killed a whole Jewish family while they were sleeping, including babies – search for Fogel family massacre in Itamar last year)

There is no wrong or right here. Both sides have responsibility. But while Israel is a civilized democratic state, educating for peace, looking for a true solutions and willing to negotiate, Palestinians are radical Islamic people, educating for hate and war (look for kids photos with Terrorist uniforms and guns) and will be satisfied only when they conquer Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and apply Islam rules all over Israel and the world.

Kul att höra en israel yttra sig för en gångs skull va?