”I’m an Israeli – to some this alone is a reason to resent me”


My name is Adi and I’m an Israeli.
To some this alone is a reason to resent me. As if being an Israeli is a crime of some sort.
In its short life Israel has succeeded in many fields, but in some it has failed. In our 64 years of existence we could not bring peace to this territory. Some will say ’stop the occupation, stop the oppression and peace will come’ but this is not just being naive – it is to be unaware of what is going on in our world.

We tried leaving Gaza, ripping from their homes thousands of Israelis, to find peace. We got eight years of rockets attacks in return. The people of Gaza are miserable but their leaders are doing nothing at all to resolve it, they are perpetuating it by pointing the finger at Israel and saying ”fire”.  The media loves this underdog situation and these days I feel anti-semites are replaced by pro-Palestinians. ’If we can hate Israel and not appear to be racist or closed minded but instead compassionate and politically correct then this must be right.’ It is not right!

Do not let others set your mind for you, however correct or comfortable it might look. Find out things for yourself! Read about this conflict! Talk to people who are affected by it on both sides! Or at least don’t spread your misinformed opinion of a situation miles away, of which you are only fed by the media. Do not judge us because of an article you read in some newspaper. You would not have liked it if it was vice versa. While we are no angels (no one is) we are also no demons looking to oppress. We are more like you than you think, just in a different, frustrating, almost impossible reality.


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