”All I want is to live peacefully in my own country”

To Whom It May Concern,

Israel could be a perfect place to live in; we have great weather, nice people and beautiful beaches. More than on a few occasions, my heart aches for what Israel is not but could be.
There’s no doubt: the continuous fighting over decades are taking their toll on the Israeli people.

On the other hand, in the face of recent events in the Arab world, like the riots about the Prophet Muhammad movie, it makes it harder for me to trust that the other side is a reasonable partner to negotiate with and it’s terrifying me.
How can you trust someone who is willing to kill in the name of religion but remains silent while tens of thousands are slaughtered in Syria?
Like me, the Israeli majority live in fear of the future to come, and for us to be hunted down just like throughout history.

To be frank, I can’t say that I fully understand the real reasons of the Middle East conflict, but more than that, I don’t give a damn. All I want is to live peacefully in my own country (isn’t it obvious?!). Most of all, I do hope that the citizens in Gaza are praying for the same things.
Although it’s hard for me to believe that their leaders are aspiring for the same hopes and dreams, but eventually their leaders will be replaced.
Nevertheless the sad part is it’s the citizens who are the ones who pay the price for their leaders’ actions. I am not denying that on this matter, our side is sharing the same truth.


A despaired citizen of Israel.

P.S – I am willing to start a citizens exchange program, if any of you is interested 😉