Yakov’s Second Letter

I write for Letters from Israel for the second time.

This time, I will write about what Israel must do, in light of the betrayal of the world and their support for darkness, evilness and terrorism.

As we fight for our right to exist, as a people in our nation, surrounded by enemy countries, by rogues and villains, we were blindsided by the entire world, on November 29th, 2012.

Historically, the date of November 29th is the day that the UN decided on the partition of the land into 2 countries: Jewish and Arab (this after 1926, when 77% of the land of Israel was given to the Hashemites – now it is the Kingdom of Jordan). The Jewish leadership in Israel and the international Zionist organization – agreed to the proposal. The Arab leaders, spanning from the highest ranks in the Arab League, to the Arab farmers in the land – denied the proposal. Right away, the Arabs, living in Israel, began to massacre and attack the Jews of Israel. This lead to the invasion of 12 Arab armies into the territory of the, newly re-established, State of Israel (spanning across the territory of roughly New Jersey). Israel won.

November 29th is an important date for the people of Israel (עם ישראל – Am Yisrael – Meaning the ”Jewish people” including the Israeli Jews). This is just another thing the ”Palestinians” are trying to steal.

What else they stole, you ask? Well let me tell you:

1. The name ”Palestine” – After the Bar Kochba Revolt against Rome, that ended in 136 AD, the Roman emperor Hadrian exiled most of the Jews from Israel (Judah) – known as the ”Galut Roman” (Roman Exile) – sold them to slavery and massacred them. He also replaced two names: The name of the eternal Jewish capital – Jerusalem, to ”Aelia Capitolina”, and the name of the land of Israel, of Judah, to ”Palaestina”. The name ”Palaestina” was given after the Philistine people, a red-headed, Hellenic people who came from Cyprus and Crete – they were not Arabs nor even Semitic. Following the diaspora, the Jews of the world were many times referred to, by their gentile neighbors, as ”Palestinians” – the people from Palestine.

2. The demonym ”Palestinian” – As I stated above, the Jews of the world were many times referred to as ”Palestinians”. Jews who lived in the land of Israel, until the re-establishment of Israel, were called ”Palestinians”, while the Arabs living in the land of Israel were called ”Palestinian Arabs”. Yes, the difference is that Jews were simply Palestinians – wherever they might be in the world, and the Arabs who lived in Palestine, were called ”Palestinian Arabs”. Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher living in the 18th century, said about the Jews: ”The Palestinian living among us…”. The Arabs stole the name ”Palestinians” because the state of Israel was established, and there was no more need for the term ”Palestinian” among Jews.

3. Jewish history – I have listened myself to Palestinians saying that Jesus was an Arab Palestinian. That Moses (or Musa) lead the Palestinian people (or Filistinyuna) from Egypt (or Misr). That the ”People of Israel” (or Banu Israil) in the Qur’an is referring to the Palestinian Arabs, not to the Jews. The Palestinians, systematically, are stealing, step by step, Jewish history.

The same thing is with November 29th.

But I digress.

On November 29th, 2012, the world recognized, and accepted, the existence of a terrorist state inside the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. What the UN did, is giving an Al-Qaeda-like organization, a state.

Yet, there is a bright side – and that leads me to the reason I’m writing this today.

According to the Oslo Accords, between the late Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, and the Arch-terrorist, Yasser Arafat, a Palestinian state will be established when the Palestinian Authority and leadership shall decide on the borders it wants.
By going to the UN for a recognition, the Palestinians agree that the borders of the Palestinian state shall be areas A and B, as the borders of the Palestinian Authority, while the rest shall be in Israel.

Now I’m just kidding around, and a ”Palestinian state” is not an option, but that is basically what we have to do:

In response to the Palestinian terrorist organizations going to the UN, we must do one thing – ANNEX AREA C.

Annexing area C will show the occupiers (aka Palestinians) that we are not amused by them going to the UN.
Annexing area C will guard our water supply in the GIANT mountain aquifer in Judea and Samaria that produces over a third of the entire Israeli water needs.
Annexing area C will protect the strategic defense lines of Israel, where tanks will go down the Jordan valley and won’t go up.
Annexing area C will give the occupiers a check-point-free autonomy on area A + B (although the world will continue screaming that we are an Apartheid state).

This (^) is what we have to do, right here, right now – to protect our state, our people and our homeland.

Thank you,

[Yakov’s first letter]

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