I never liked war movies,

Always ran away from them.

I love my life optimistic

With a little drama,

But I did not believe

I will be part of a war

An endless war.


To wake up to the alarm scream,

Such a scary sound

That moves the soul around.

We have 40 seconds to run to shelter

40-seconds which feel like a battle for my life,

And I, I want to stay alive.

After all the boom sounds, I know I have survived, for now.

But what about the next time? And the next time after that?


These days there are no nights and days

And any worries I had before forgotten,

And requests to God I had once wished, return to me.

I have but one wish left, please let all of this end.


Now it is a quiet again, but it may be the still before the bigger storm.

Missy Poem