”I am Nir. I am Israel.”

I am Nir.

I am a free man, living in the free country of Israel.
I am Jewish. I am not religious. I am a human being.
I hate war, I hate violence, I hate prejudice and evil where ever it shows its ugly head. If you would ask me what I want right now more than anything, my answer will not be an Iphone (I hate Apple…But that’s beside the point), a new tablet or a car; it won’t be a home, money or even happiness; my one wish is for peace.
My name is Nir, and I wish for the same as all other Israelis.

In a country so fraught with violence, war and death people think we might have gotten used to it… But the truth is that we never do. Each picture of a child being hurt due to acts of war touches our hearts and sends shivers down our spine, be it a Jewish child, a Christian child, a Muslim child and any other child from any religion or ethnic group. You see world, WE do not care who you are and where you came from…We only want peace and safety.

There are many so called ”saints” who demonize us. These Hamas leaders who keep screaming ”They are evil!” While we only reply ”Please let us send your citizens aid”. They keep firing missiles at our children and we supply them with electricity, food and money, to help their innocents. They target our loved ones, in our homes, our streets and our sky scrapers and we? We let their people know when and where we are going to strike against these attacks, so their innocent citizens can stay out of harm’s way…

When I saw a video of a terrorist sending missiles on our homes, being hit by a missile shot from our air-force I felt pity for him. I know he was evil. I know his only intent was killing me and anyone else who is a Jew. And I know that there was no other way to save innocent lives. I agree with it all, and I approve of his death. But I do not take pride or happiness in it because unlike them (Hamas and other terrorist groups) I find happiness in life. Not death. Unlike them, When I see a man, woman, child or animal die, no matter what evil he might have done, I still find it in me to feel a little sad for the loss of a life from our planet. Unlike them, I DO NOT go out to the street to dance and sing about how they died. Yes, that terrorist had to die, but I am Nir, I am an Israeli and therefore I am not happy that he is dead. I am happy that other lives were saved because of it.

Many people ask what you would do, world, if your cities were bombarded by thousands of missiles. What would you do if your innocent civilians were targeted each and every day? I DON’T agree with that question because this is not a question. This is a fact. We are part of this world, just like they are. We are a part of this world just like anyone else… And we are being targeted. So I don’t ask you, world, ”What would you do?” I am asking you ”Why are you letting it happen?”

If today all the terrorist groups will say ”We want peace. We want to live for life and not death and because of it, we will not fight you” Israel will be happy, it will most likely help them build themselves and thrive alongside Israel. But if Israel would stop fighting, will open its borders and say ”we will never fight again” would there be peace in the Middle East? I think that it is clear that Israel will simply be wiped out in a matter of days, its population murdered for the sake of death.

Israel and Jews in general believe in the phrase ”To save even one life is to save a whole world” but the Hamas belief is ”We love death as much as the Jews love life”. I would gladly help a fellow Muslim if I saw him injured or hurt, would he do the same for me? I believe he might, if wasn’t brainwashed by terrorists who twist the words of their fate to support their own evil agendas.

World, I do not want war. I do not want to see anyone suffer. But I believe in the simple and most important right of any living being, the right to live. And that is why I am supporting my country and hope you will help us find a solution and resolution to this bitter situation.

I don’t believe in death. I don’t believe in terror.
I believe in life. I believe in peace. I am Nir. I am Israel.

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  1. Hi Nir, Well said! Toda!
    I am israeli that lives in Denmark in the last 13 years (in the mame of love….)
    I’m sending it on, somewhere in Denmark, Sweden, USA, Brazil, and Turkia.
    Good luck and keep save!

  2. Thank you for your article Nir, I wish for peace for both Israelis and Palestinians but this can only happen when more moderates exist on both sides push aside the extremists who believe peace can only be achieved through violence and aggression, but theirs is only a temporary peace. I wish you peace and a new iPhone!

  3. Its very easy for you to say you love life and peace. Yet you do not wish the same quality and kind of life for the Palestaniana . You want a seperate Jewish state for you alone, where the Palestinians have no real place. Why cant we ALL live in one country where everybody is the same and doesnt matter who forms the majority or minority? Why do you have to have a ”Jewish” state? Have you asked yourself why the Palestanians see you evil? Would you like to be in their shoes? You cant overshadow what your country and leaders have done. Whatever evil you see now is merely the fruits of the seeds you have grown and continue to grow. We have become the mirror image of you in cruelty..

    You are not exactly angels and dont try to give that impression of the victim living under Arab terror. Question your conscience, and read a history book. The other side of history that you dont teach your children.

    You do not believe in peace as an equal, you believe in your version of peace, which is void of justice. You do not believe in life unless its one where you have the upper hand. You do not believe in terror, yet when its commited by your country you dont see it as terror. All you believe in is empty words where their noble meaning and true spirit is lost.

    The peace and life you believe in are ones in which your rights are maintained but not others. You speak from a high moral ground but ethically bankrupt… You are an occupier..

    You have rights and a guarnteed right of return to the ”promised” land, yet the Palestanians refugess have no right of return. The kind of peace and life you want is one where you have the upper hand, and the other side simply has to accept it.

    Enjoy while you can! Because as much as you love life and peace, the Arabs do too, but a life with dignity and a peace not dictated by your terms full of injustice. You think suffering is just by war and rockets. How many lives have you destroyed, how many people have you expelled? How many people did you drive out? How many olive trees did you uproot? How many many childhood years have you runied? How many mothers have cried because of you? How many widows? How many…How many… yes its a long list and yet you want the Palestinians to forget all that. How selfish is that?

    Imagine your self on the other side of the fence and ask yourself is this the life and peace you love to have for yourself. Wake up, smell the coffee.

    No one is fooled by your words, and always look overy your shoulder because yes we LOVE peace and life, and cant wait to reclaim our LIVES back that you hijacked. And guess what? we are never going to give up because we do love LIFE.

    When you are ready to see people as equals then play the moral game. You only fool yourself with the life and peace line.

    I dont believe in a life without dignity. I dont believe in militarism and occupation. I believe in a dignfied life where my rights and your rights are upheld. I believe in a just peace. I am an Arab expelled from my home that you now call Israel. One country for all like most countries in the world.

    1. Israel has a right to exist as the one and only Jewish state, just like Christian states (like the UK) and many Muslim states exist. This is the only way to keep Jews un-slaughtered by there friendly Muslim neighbors.
      Dear Palestinian: your situation is derived explicitly by your efforts to push Israel into the sea, and from the wars you and your Muslim brothers declared on the small state of Israel all thru the last 100 years.
      Hey – you’ve lost, so don’t come running to me. Go to your leaders who told you ”Itbach El Yahuud” i.e. kill the Jews;
      And you want half of our capitol – Jerusalem?!
      You are really insane.

    2. Typical rage without context – the Palestinians have had MANY opportunities to accept land-for-peace offers and have refused every one. They had Gaza free and clear to launch a successful state – and used it to launch tens of thousands of rockets instead. They are also a predominant demographic of Jordan – why is that not considered the Palestinian state? As well, the surrounding Arab states have caused a refugee crisis in which there are more Jewish refugees forced to flee persecution in surrounding Arab countries than original Palestinian refugees. Your comments reveal a lack of knowledge of the facts – and do not hold the Palestinians accountable for their ongoing war not only against Israel, but against Jews – which is the real call for ’genocide’ in the region. Things will change for the better when the Palestinians embrace a love of peace over hate and stop raising their children to glorify murder and death. Yes, there are profoundly peaceful individuals on both sides – but you cannot have Hamas cult-of-hate representation and then claim ’victim’. Or are you unfamiliar with Hamas’ often stated purpose? Things will change when ’dignity’ is also applied to Jews within the Arab world – just look at a map of the Middle East in which Israel is a tiny minority country surrounded by hostility. You want ’dignity’ – give it to your neighbor too.

      1. you do realise that the Israelis have ALWAYS had the upper-hand over the palestinians right? so don’t go around making it sound like it is the palestinians waging all out war and genocide, when in fact it is the Israelis that have committed countless warcrimes (hence why they were so against the palestinians attaining observer state status).

        Peace will come when the Israelis finally accept the Palestinian people as equals, as human beings, as having the right to live just as they do, without fear, terror and being caged throughout their lives.

        You cannot expect to expel millions of people, forcibly kick them out of every corner of their lands, steal everything they own – including their dignity – and for them to accept the demands of the war mongering, selfish occupiers.

        How can ANYONE take the Israelis seriously, when they punish the Palestinians for trying to gain a state by peace, and on the other side give concessions to Hamas? Are you people insane? How is that logical.

        Their is NO religious right for the jewish people to have an apartheid state, religion does not trump humanitarianism and human rights. That era is over. If Israel does not change its attitude, then the world will turn its back on it.

        The era of racism, hate and racial superiority is over. The era of Zionism is over.

        1. The United League of Nations partitioned what was then Palestine into two states. All the Arab countries surrounding these states waged war immediately after. Miraculously, the Jews won, and the land that was won was won fair and square. Even then, much of it was given back, or repartitioned or whatever in the name of peace. Really, it seems to me the Palestinian gripe should be with the League of Nations who partitioned the then British-governed soil in the first place!

    3. Shalom Noor
      then you wouldn’t mind giving back Egypt Sudan Turkey Iran Iraq Yemen Syria etc. to it’s rightful owners would you that would be a fair trade wouldn’t it I could name more contires where the muslims have gone in and just took over butchered in cold blood the Christians who lived there and had lived there for centuries, and plz go somewhere else with your soap story now may G-D bless, not ill-allah he only curse ppl

    4. That is extremely well put. It is also accurate.

      Conversely Nir simply displays his appalling ignorance.

    5. Noor,

      Instead of using your reflexive ”but the Jews are occupiers” response, why don’t you read what the man actually has to say? Are you afraid to be confronted by the reality that most Israelis don’t support fighting anyone and don’t want to take anyone’s land or home?

      Please go back and re-read the following and then explain to me how he doesn’t care about the well-being of the Palestinians:

      ”If today all the terrorist groups will say ”We want peace. We want to live for life and not death and because of it, we will not fight you” Israel will be happy, it will most likely help them build themselves and thrive alongside Israel.”

      Thank you and salam aleykum.

      -Eran (from Israel)

    6. Dear Noor, if you don’t know the history of how u Palestinians left ur homes u better go and ask ur muslim brothers in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and co. who ordered you out of your place of abode and promised you a better life and total occupation of Israel when they might have killed all Israelis. So why the noise? You should blame all these ur Fanatic brothers for your present predicament. God bless Israel.

  4. I’m Ra’anan, I’m a RELIGIOUS Israeli Jew. So-called Palestinians are not a separate nationality, but just a conglomeration of Arab opportunists who moved to the Land of Israel when European Jews brought business opportunities starting in the early 1920s. National Geographic had an issue in the 1920s & the Arabs here then were still a very, very small group. Mark Twain also documented the Land of Israel as being BARREN! If the Palestinians are really a people, who was their leader before arch terrorist Yassir Arafat? What was the name of their currency? We Israeli Jews resettled all of the approximately c. 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries, but Arab countries haven’t resettled Arab refugees from the Israel 1948 war because they enjoy using you as a weapon against us so instead of hating them you hate us and that just brings you more misery. The Qoran says that this land is for the Jewish People, are you going against Allah???

    [17:104] And we said to the Children of Israel afterwards, ” scatter and live all over the world…and when the end of the world is near we will gather you again into the Promised Land”.

    BTW, polls show that Israeli Arabs do NOT want to be under so-called Palestian jurisdiction because they know what Arab regimes are about, even at their very best. You are JEALOUS because we Israeli Jews have done so much for the world w/our contributions in science & social betterment while being under the constant threat of Arab attacks, while the 22 Arab countries (& countless more non-Arab Islamic countries) have done NOTHING for the world, but bring misery w/terrorism, ”honour-killings” of your own mothers, wives & daughters, & the horror of Shariah rule which includes chopping off people’s hands & apparently dragging corpses behind motorcycles as recently seen in Gaza.

    As for ”occupation,” that’s so laughable! When will the Arab occupation of Phonecian Lebanon cease? What about the Arab occupation of Coptic Egypt? What about the Arab occupation of the entire North African Maghreb which is really Berber??? When will the Arab occupation withdrawal back to ARABIA??? YOU need to read history, but you are not interested in TRUTH! No wonder there is a whole pro-Israel Arab group that has abandoned your miserable life style & has converted to Christianity (I’m talking about Son of Hamas & others).

    Aren’t you ashamed to demand dignity for Arabs in Israel after Arabs treated their Jewish citizens as second class dhimmis?

    1. so who are the Israelis? just a bunch of opportunitists who moved from Europe mostly get take ”free land” from people who already lived there.

      I like Nir’s ideas, but he is not Israel. Israel is controlled by a bunch of fundementalist religious bigots, namely the ”orthodox’ (i.e. old farts out of touch with reality who want to dominate everything; you can’t even get married in Israel without their approval (or has it changed in the last few years?) and they are a TINY dictitorial part of the popuplation. I feel for the typical Israeli who is dominated by such idiots and bigots.

      Noor is better than Nir though.

      1. Remember that when noor and her friends and family comes with a sword to convert you to islam or force you into submission to islam called dhimmitud bowing 5 times aday to mecca if you have a wife better buy her a burqa and you really should grow a beard and wear a pyjamas dye your hair with henna to show your a good dhimmi, now be a good kuffar and run along and play with the imams of S. Arabia

    2. AMEN and lets no forget South Sudan and as of right now Mali and Kenya, where the muslims have and are slaughtering millions up on millions of innocent ppl islam is a cancer and therefore must be treated as such, the EU is being slowing but surely taken over by muslims and yet they are a sleep with their eyes wide open, on the behalf of Denmark I am so sorry for this clown Villy Søvndal plz accept my apologise

      1. If Islam is a cancer why it is the most growing religion in the world.?

        we all know why Isrealis are the most hated ppl in the world whether they love peace or not….for example American president Obama and french president secretly they talked about how bad that Isreali prime minister is….
        Even Isrealis know that they are enemies….what about the rest.?

    3. Raanan,

      I am an Israeli agnostic Jew. Irrespective of your beliefs, there are several million Palestinians who live in the Holy Land. This is reality, whether you like it or not. We can be ruled by them, we can rule over them, or we can live side-by-side. I prefer the third option, if for no other reason than the fact that it is most beneficial to us as Israelis.

      It is not written anywhere in the Torah that we must put ideology above practical considerations.


  5. What does it help? Have you been to the Israeli army? So you know your duty is to kill first the Arabs and then all Iranians – but be careful in iran not to hit one of the 40.000 Jews that live there. Best luck to you.

    1. Actually, the difference between Israel’s army and the armies of all the surrounding countries is that our army is (1) made of the people and (2) fights in defense of the people. It doesn’t fight to serve a dictatorial regime nor does it fight to kill other people.

      And seeing as how you might be Iranian, Israel won’t attack Iran…but Iran could also stop trying to provoke Israel as well.

    1. If your a proud jew then what the fuck are you doing in Argentina?
      go back to your shithole country

  6. i am a roman catholic christian. i have strong faith in old testment and new testment. if i say, i am a roman catholic christian that is why i hate israel. then i am not a follower of jesus christ whom the god the father sent to the world. as far as i am concerned, what ever happend in the old testment and new testment, QUOTE ”IT SHALL BE WRITTEN AND IT SHALL BE DONE”, everything is god the father’s will.
    so, my desire is let the children of israel, juda and roman catholic christian should unite against their enemies and live in peace.

  7. Remember, The School Number One in Beslan In Russia only one relegion

    sanctions ”killing” its every one against the evil dead man.

    ”End Islam save Lives”

  8. There is not any possibility for peace, when there is not any hope for the Palestinians. Israel keep all the better land of the Green Bank, and all the water sources, and keep building new cities in Palestinian land. If you want peace, give water to both Jews and Arabs an everybody will be happy. This could be done by desalinization of the sea water at a much cheaper price than the price of war.

  9. I only consider in peace, Bothe the Jewish and Muslims has rights to live….. Shalom…Salam….Peace!!

    1. Russia had blow up all churches, sinagogues and mosques after 1918 revolution. After that people had a lot of problems in their life, but not religious, they never hate each other because of religion. That start again now after USSR collapsed. Religions are narcotics no matter which one. It is much worse than heroin. It damages people brains and specialy for kids because they have no choice. We have to get rid of all religious institute in the world and then… ”Moshiach” will come to every one on this planet. For now this world is full of mentally sick people.
      Lets do it for our grand grand grand children.

  10. Put on the glasses, Mr. Nir
    ”You have to demolish them while they’re small’
    So Supreme Court President Asher Grunis said shortly before a partially built mosque in the West Bank was pulled down.

    Supreme Court President Asher Grunis should be pleased. A mosque under construction in the West Bank, whose demolition he supported, was pulled down last Tuesday – another performance by the Civil Administration bulldozer, underreported in the media. As in an increasing number of cases, the demolition was a result of pressure applied by Regavim – a nongovernmental organization whose goal is preserving lands of…”

    in: http://www.haaretz.com/news/features/you-have-to-demolish-them-while-they-re-small.premium-1.483761

    That is the nazisionist view of ”aid”, Mr. Nir, but it mustn’t be yours.

  11. And now:

    ” L.A. synagogue targeted with bomb threats
    Suspect in police custody, says Wilshire Boulevard Temple executive director.
    A Los Angeles-area synagogue fell victim to several bomb threats on Tuesday, according to the synagogue’s executive director.

    One bomb threat against the Wilshire Boulevard Temple was called in to the Los Angeles Police Department early Tuesday morning and two more calls, which said that there was a bomb planted in a car at an intersection near the synagogue, came close to 8 A.M.

    Police investigated the threats and exploded a suspicious package left in a car adjacent to the synagogue, but the package was found not to contain explosives, the synagogue’s executive director, Howard Kaplan, said in a statement on the synagogue’s website.

    Kaplan said that a suspect was in police custody, and that the arrest was based largely on video footage from the synagogue’s surveillance cameras.

    All synagogue activities were canceled for Tuesday.”

    That is the american ”nazidemocracy” spirit.

    If we want the Peace, Mr. Nir, we have to give up the ”nazis” values, ethics, acts, even thoughts.

  12. My Name is Salim and I am a Muslim………which doesn’t mean that I am terrorist ! or that I want to kill Jews, Christians or ……Mermaids, or anyone for that matter.
    Violence begets Violence, Modern Israel was founded on the guilt of the western world, to salve their conscience for what a psychopath from Germany did, while they ignored it.
    What right did they have to give away someone else’s land ? Other than the right of might ! The laws were made up as they went along.
    The Jews may consider this their long delayed return to the promised land, but for the gentiles it was a way of moving a problem that was brewing from their own patch to somewhere far away.
    For those who continue to attempt to propagate the myth of an empty land simply awaiting the return of the Jews, may I suggest that you read the first line of the Balfour Declaration (hopefully you have heard of that !) which is what the initial basis of Israel was built upon.
    To quote
    ”His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”
    So there was already a land called Palestine before the (League of Nations)UN plan to create Israel.
    Also, those that seem unable to read historical facts and reiterate regularly that ”the Palestinians have had MANY opportunities to accept land-for-peace offers”, yes, but every single one of those meant living in a country split to look like Swiss Cheese, with no water, no borders that they controlled, and very little of the arable land, living at the whim of their Israeli overlords who would continue to trample upon their rights.
    I agree with Nir and I admire him, but I think he does need to wish for the same joys for the Palestinians, then that would be something to write about and be proud of.


    1. Salim,

      Rather than addressing each of your points, I want to ask you a simple question: Do you believe that we should unwrite history? Is this the solution? And do you think, that if we unwrite history, and move back to the time 1000AD, that Muslims will again experience a Golden Age?

      Salim, I’ll tell you what the two biggest problems in the Middle East are: (1) dogma and (2) Arabs’ refusal to deal in reality. As I said to Raanan, who has quite a different set of opinions from you, whether or not the Palestinians have any legitimate historical claim to the Holy Land is irrelevant at this point. TODAY, RIGHT NOW, there are several million Palestinians and several million Israelis who call the Holy Land home. This is reality, whether either side likes it or not. Eight million people call Israel home and as much as you might not like the very notion of Israel, it exists, its people exist and it has an army, with which you are no doubt familiar with. We can have a state in which Israelis are the minority (which Israelis will never accept- because it is tantamount to collective suicide), a state in which Israel rules over the Palestinians (something which some Palestinians and some Israelis would object to) or a 2-state solution. If we are dealing strictly in terms of reality, and NOT in fantasy and wishful thinking, then I think only one choice makes sense for both sides: the 2-state solution.

    2. I stopped reading your post after these sentences/questions of yours: ”What right did they have to give away someone else’s land? Other than the right of might! The laws were made up as they went along.”

      I am so glad that you brought up ”law.” Most Arabs do not recognize or believe in the rule of international law. Thankfully (and finally), it seems like there is on Arab who does – you. The basic problem with Arabs is that generally they deny history. There is a very small but important fact that almost all Arabs continue to disregard. The land of Palestine was controlled and owned by the British. There was never an Arab government in Palestine. LEGALLY speaking, the British could distribute the land as they saw fit, which they did. Imagine if the Arab armies did not attack Israel. Depending on how you interpret what happened (since there is not enough conclusive evidence on either side), the Arabs either fled or were expelled from their homes by the Israelis. If you look at it from the ”the Arabs were expelled” side, they were expelled because of Arab aggression against the Israelis making the Israelis very wary of Arab intention against Israelis. Either way you look at it, had the Arabs not attacked and had they welcomed the legal (key word: legal) split, the Arabs would be the majority in the land of Israel today. But this is another point. The point is that legally speaking, the British could divide the land as they saw fit. Individual Palestinian Arabs would have retained control of their plots of land within Israel had no more been set bhy the Arabs…but you Arabs, unfortunately, are stuck in the war ravaged Stone Age.

  13. First Palestine was never occupied because it did not belong to any state, it was under british mandate that took over from ottomananian empire that fall apart. Second Israel is democracy and what would happen if Israel gives Palestinians right of return and equal rights? Jews would be outnumbered in parliament and country. Palestinians would take over and that would be the end of Israel. Islam does not support equal right but is all about domination and submission under it. Study history of Arab Jews and Iraqi’s Jews
    nd Bagdad. 100 years ago Jews were majority in Bagdad, they opened first school, university and hospital in Iraq. They completely transformed Iraq. As soon Sunni and Shiite Muslims

  14. got united and over voted Jews they restricted numbers of Jews in all area of life, limiting number of Jews students in university, not allowing Jews to own business, to sell their properties, they didn’t allowed them to leave country if they did their property would be confiscated etc. I recommend you book Jews of Iraq, 3000 years of history and culture and you will see what happened to Jews in details when they believed that they could live in peace as equal with Muslims. Today there is no Jews in Iraq and Jewish right of return or history is not allowed to discuss publicly.

  15. first – stop talking about nazism and calling people nazis – it just makes you sound like a disgusting human being. The Nazis were an evil regime and there have been other evil regimes since then – k’mer rouge, the sudanese war against south sudan, rwanda, the ethiopian famine (started as its leader and demented king celebrated a ’3,000 year dynasty’) – Jews have the same right to self-determination that Arabs do and they did, in 1948 receive that self- determination. It would have happened without the shoah because the muslim world oppressed its Jews as it has oppressed everyone else. Blame it on the Arab ’pan-arab’ prejudice or something else if you wish – it does not detract from the fact that Israel came about because the Arabs persecuted the Jews and wanted their own state. The shoah simply provided the extra people needed to defend the state. They were immigrants just like the Arabs were immigrants – you don’t like that fact – tough – that is the way it is. Now HOW DO WE SOUGHT OUT THE MESS that your bigotry has created?

  16. For the majority opinion Israel is the Jew. As they hate ”Jew” for 2000 years, they hate Israel who existed for 60 years. And let`s stop all your bla bla hate.

  17. Ok Ok everybody can we calm down and, well, show each other this deep respect for humanity we long for in everyone to awaken. To Nir, I would respectfully embrace your passion for peace and congratulate you on reaching the first stage of any true reconciliation, that is, you feel and respect humanity. But you still have quite a way to go, as do your enemies. Your words would have great power if they included recognition of the historical and current pain of the Palestinian people. You need to show understanding of your enemy’s cause, as they must also do of yours. There cannot be ignorance in the serious business of making peace, I’m sure you already know this. With best wishes, FJK

  18. Well after – The Lead attack 2008 – the Israeli spokesman Reganov- confesed that it was Israel who broke ceasefire. Most of the world knew this- except Israelis.
    Israel – after Gazan people voted Hamas because they promised to set peace with Israel – Israel went regulary to Gaza to kill new ministers by helicopters or by bombing their residences. They were killing new ministers also outside Gaza on the trips. They folloved ministers in Gaza by satelites, but coudn’t find the canisters shooters or ”missile shoters” by satelite?
    Livni left to tell Americans on conference – thay Israel has to protect itself and will not kill civilians- was plan lie. – Everything about Gaza fas planed, prepared many years ago. I read about those plans in seventies. Also viz- YT – Gaza the killing zone.

  19. Shalom Nir.
    Some Islamist posts here question the legitimact of the state of Israel as a Jewish state. I havent heard them complain about the imposition of Sharia in countries that become dominated by them. Saudi Arabia, Iran – are they illegitimate as they are theocratic? Israel isnt a theocracy, its a functioning democratic society which happens to have a majority of Jewish citizens, but with substantial minorities of Muslim Christian and Druze citizens as well. Israeli citizenship ad rights/priviledges are not ’confessional’ – rather they are citizenship based.

  20. I understand the thoughts of an Innocent Isaeli. But it is important not to forget how Israel was formed, by uprooting innocent Palestinians from their homeland. Being aided by the US financially and militarily, Israel is an adversary beyond the ability of any Arab or Muslim country of the world. When Israel kills innocent people, the international community specially the Europeans and Americans keep queit. It is also sad to see Israelis, a group of people who have been haunted over thousands of years in many countries are now haunting another group of people….

  21. I am not Jewish, American or Arab but I want a world where humans as rightful brothers can coexist share and love each other the way biology science intuition and intelligence dictates we should and must do to prosper. the world is vast the stars and heavens are mans for the taking yet we fight and die for rocks gravel territory religious books and pride. i want a son or daughter and i want you to have a child as well. let them play let them love together apart yet together. we are the most intelligent generation of humans possibly ever and we look past all common sense to continue the division. wake up mankind YOU are God YOU are allah. man creates and man takes away. CHOOSE LIFE OVER DEATH do not worship idols be they man or ’god’ – they are all false. follow your heart and view the world around you with a childs eyes. we are all born pure hatred is taught. i am adam and i am canadian, and i love you.

  22. Can someone explain to me why there is so much violence in the Muslim world? So much intolerance resulting in Sunnis murdering Shias and vice versa in Syria, Pakistan, Iraq – just to name a few. So much disrespect for human life including the lives of children! What about the treatment of women? Name just one decent, democratic, peaceful Arab country!

  23. I do think war can be a solution of any thing. Nothing can justify killing. I was almost tricked that you are talking about world piece. But when I saw you mentioned Hamus as terrorist I think its an one eyed view. If some one from Hamus wrote it like this would that be justified? No. You are blaming Hamus and bombing them for terrorism! Isn’t that terrorism from you?!
    >> but the Hamas belief is ”We love death as much as the Jews love life”. What kind of justification is this? Your bombing and justifying your bombing by telling Israel and Jews in general believe in the phrase ”To save even one life is to save a whole world” Isn’t that funny and self contradictory?

    Dont see it just from your point of view . In a war every one is loosing there beloved ones. Dont justify your bombing using funny quotes. Its racism.

      1. @Pradipta – Keep that pacifist crap with yourself.. From your name I guess you’re an Indian…in which case let me remind you how this Gandhian pacifist mumbo-jumbo has cost us (and continues to cost us) dear… wish our country India borrows a leaf from Israel’s book and goes hammer & tongs after the Islamic terrorists from the snakepit (Pakistan) beside us..

        @Author – Excellent post… More power to Israel and you…
        Best wishes…

  24. What I find interesting that Palestinians equate themselves with the inhabitants of the British Mandate of Palestine. Didn’t hundreds of thousands of Jews live in the Mandate? How come they are not considered Palestinians? Sounds like the Palestinians want to kick out and exclude the Jews from another country like their Arab brothers did.

  25. Dear Nir, thank u so much for realizing the situation of war. let the other jews to think the way as u did. May Allah bless u. tc

  26. Hi Nir,
    You state: ”Many people ask what you would do, world, if your cities were bombarded by thousands of missiles. What would you do if your innocent civilians were targeted each and every day?”

    Ask yourself just one question: why do you think your cities are bombarded by thousands of missiles, and why your innocent civilians are targeted each and every day?

    I hoper you can answer this question honestly

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