”Before you judge us, come and visit”

Hi, my name is Michal, 22 years old and I’m proud to be Israeli.

Life in Israel is sometimes not easy. We suffer from a lot of wars, rockets, raids… But I love Israel. It’s home.

Even though sometimes it’s not safe here, I feel that this is the safest place for me, as Israeli and a Jewish person.

We are not bad people, we are just like everyone else, we are just trying to live in peace and protect what is ours. This land belonged to us since forever. We built our homes, roads, everything here.
Children should not have to sleep in shelters, and be afraid of every boom they hear. It is not a way to live. Not a right one.
As someone who sufferd and celebrated her 16th birthday in the shelter I can tell you it wasn’t a very nice experience.
I was so scared and couldn’t understand why all of that was happening.
When I joined the army I loved it! I would go back anytime, just call me!

We have the most amazing sites here; beautiful beaches, beautiful cities to have a good time in.
Before you judge us, come and visit. See for yourself what this amazing country has to offer.

Thank you,


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  1. Just wanted to say I live in the United States and I admire the Israeli’s for the hardship they suffer. Not all Americans agree with the stance our President has taken towards Israel. Our only friend in that part of the world but our ”Leader” is kissing up to Iran who wants nothing more than to destroy us and Israel. I do not think Palestians have ANY right to your land. That was given to Abraham and his descendants, it is not for the Israeli govt to decide much less the rest of the world. I liken what is happening to Israel and how the Palestians want a piece of the pie to Great Britain suddenly wants her 13 colonies back from the United States. How can other countries decide what land if any your country should give to the Palestians. They do horrific things to Israeli’s that world overlooks BUT if Israel does something even a 10th of what a Palestian does they are reviled and condemned. I am plannning on visiting Israel in 2014 and am taking Hebrew lessons as well. Something Israel should be proud of is your nation is the ONLY one that came back from centuries of not have your own country. Came back. the Hebrew language was also renewed and those two items is something that ONLY the Jewish people accomplished all other civilization no longer exist and neither does their language. and being attacked the day after Israel is declared a nation: one tank. no army worth mentioning and Israel won!!!!!! In fact if Iran ever does follow through on nuking Israel I firmly believe it will backfire somehow and destroy Iran. Israel is the nation of the one true God and if Israel gets destroyed then you can pretty throw away the Torah or the Bible cause it would mean he lied and the one true God does not and has never lied. Sorry to get on my soapbox I just get so angry at how Israel is treated and really upset when our Leader insults the PM of Israel. Well good luck to everyone who reads this and is living in Israel I hope to move over there as well.

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