Tel Aviv-Beirut

Den libanesiska huvudstaden Beirut ger sig nu in i matchen och vill kalla sig Mellanösterns gayhuvudstad.
Hmm. Det är bara det att homosexualitet är förbjudet i Libanon.

Tel Aviv has the advantage of being in a country where the laws are favorable and homosexuality is widely accepted.  In Lebanon, homosexuality is officially illegal, even if the law is seldom enforced.
Tel Aviv is home to Israel’s only openly gay beaches, is inundated with gay-friendly nightlife and is touted as the only city in the Middle East where homosexual couples can be themselves in public without fear of retribution. The city and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism have actually engaged in international advertising campaigns to promote Tel Aviv as the gay capital of the Middle East.

Titeln tillhör Tel Aviv.
Utan konkurrens.
I love Tel Aviv.
Länkar: Israel Today, Jerusalem Post
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