”Putting the Israeli flag on my work will make people judge it in a different way”

Hello Kim,

My name is Barak and I have a small games and applications company here in Israel.
I’ve been around the world and seen many places, even got family in Germany and in Belgium.
I often ask myself: what would the world do without Israel?
Would it become a better place? Or maybe the ones that lead the attacks on Israel (for their own benefits to draw the attention from their corruption and such) will just choose a different prey…

I’m not a religious man, don’t have anything for Judaism except the respect for its traditions, but I eat pork and everything else I want.
I see myself as a man of logic and science, and most of all: Live and let live, trying to be a perfect neighbour in my building and help where I can.

And of course I love video games – to play them and to make them. That is my love and it hurts me to know that when I’m proud of my work and release it around the world, I think twice about putting the Israeli flag on it, because when I do, people will judge it in a different way.

I don’t care for politics, religion or anything that’s supposed to make a debate in these kinds of things, but when people see Israel associated with anything, it gets nasty.
Also according to what I see, it’s a new trend to hate Israel and support the Palestinians, cause that’s what’s ”in” right now. I suggest all the homosexuals that are very devoted to this cause, to try to live in Palestine as declared gays (some of my closest friends are gay so don’t think I’m talking against them. 🙂 )
I guess most of the people just like to be part of the horde (which disables them to think and make decisions for themselves).

Anyway, people like you, few as there is, are small beacons to me. I hope that god, or what ever control this sick world, gives you strength to keep doing it.
And if you ever come back to Tel Aviv, I’ll be more than happy to host you in my humble flat. 🙂

Sorry for the long email, may the force be with you and thank you for listening and doing what you do.


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  1. … And then there is all of us who would gladly take a closer, curious, exciting look at your work when we see that it has an Israeli flag on it! Good luck Barak, with your game development and your life in general, in a country full of so many people worth a lot of admiration! (from another (former) game developer).

  2. Hi Barak! First, I dont think it is such à new trend to hate Israel, and support the palestinians. Do you remember the second Lebanonwar. When the first rockets fell in Haifa and around, the World was with us for à couple of days, but once we responded it all turned around again. It seems that Israel can never do right. ( doesn’t matter if it’s palestinians or Hisbollah in Lebanon )
    Anyway, keep putting our Israeli flag on your work, and be proud of it! It’s the only way we can ” win”.

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