Ni kan sluta gapa nu – det libanesiska dramat är över

Eftersom de svenska tidningarna inte lär uppmärksamma att israelerna inte gjorde något fel i det för ett tag sedan så uppmärksammade libanesiska dramat så gör jag det.

An investigation carried out by representatives of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has confirmed that IDF troops did not cross the Blue Line border separating Lebanon from Israel during the recent border incident in which an IDF officer, two Lebanese soldiers and a Lebanese journalist were killed.
The incident was the most serious to take place on the Israeli-Lebanese border since the Second Lebanon War in 2006. A senior Israeli officer was killed by an LAF sniper, several hundred meters from the border. Ascertaining the truth or falsehood of the LAF claim that Israeli forces began the incident by crossing the Blue Line border was thus vital to gaining an accurate picture of the incident. The UNIFIL investigation also supported the IDF contention that Israel had informed UNIFIL in advance of the work it intended to carry out on the fence on the Israeli side of the international border. The investigation raises as yet unanswered questions regarding the reasons for the decision by LAF personnel on the border to provoke the incident.

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