Moshe’s Letter

Dear friends,

I cannot summarize the Jewish history or Israel’s history in one letter. So I decided to bring you just a small and narrow point of view of the gap in life between my world and yours.

A few years ago I went to travel in Australia.
The first thing that ”hit” me was when I entered the shopping mall and there was no security guard at the entrance to search the people that goes inside the mall. It looked very strange to me because since I was a kid in Israel there are security guards everywhere. At shopping malls, at cinemas, at theaters, at schools, train stations, bus stations, coffee shops, restaurants, and so on…

I am not sure if you know the reason for all that security but it is very simple: Palestinian terrorists wants to get inside those places and bomb themselves in order to kill as many people as they can, no matter if it’s grown-ups or teenagers or kids or even babies.
I won’t tell you all the horror stories about things they did over the years, I just wish to show you how different my life and your life is.
I also don’t wish to get into the political argument but I think no innocent

man should get killed in any circumstance, no matter what that may be.
This call should be heard loud and clear all over the world.

I don’t blame you for not liking us so much.
I am sure that you know very little about what is really going on in Israel. But you have to believe me: we wish for a peaceful quiet life like you have and like people in every western country have. I can promise you that.

I can just only invite you to come here and travel here and enjoy all the great places we have here. I know it may sound strange after all the ”scary” stuff I said but I can assure you that Israel has a very high standard of security so it’s a safe place and a safe country.


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  1. I grow upp in Israel, this security awareness developed in the background so I never reflected that it was a part off my ”normal” lifestyle.

    However the thing that ”hits” me is the fact that people think that I have a fobic tendency each time when I detect a forgotten suitcase, or plastic bagg.

    The worse thing is that this awareness off security never ends, dissipate the fact that I left Israel in the seventies.

  2. I like this page 🙂
    Now it seems like all Swedes walking around and hating Israel. Some people do that´s true, that also use to be the group of people that support Palestine. The ones that have an opinion on everything and makes sure there opinion will be heard. And your right about our medias favorite sport! Not so much positive about Israel comes from there.

    Then we have some others like me for example, I´m so tired of this on going conflict that I just dont care about it (or want Sweden to focus more on our own problems) So I guess our voices wont be heard. That can also be mistaken for hate. But honestly dont hate Israel and I´m never going to. In fact I´m curious about traveling there some day.
    From a ”ordinary” Swede.

    1. Thank you Sandra for your comment.
      I am totaly agree and understand that you want that your focus and your government focus would bemore about your life and your country and less about other places. That is normal.
      I hope you will visit here some day, and wish you will see only the good sides that Israel and its people has to offer 🙂

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