Itamar’s Letter

Hallå/Hej alla

My name is Itamar Margalit, 24 years old from northern Israel (only 15 minutes by car from Nazareth). I have just finished my B.A. in communication, and I’m about to start my M.A. in political communication (and probably move to Jerusalem).

I have to say that this blog came to me ’by accident’ when I saw a report in the Israeli TV about the owner of the blog. That interview reminded me of my last trip in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark), as well as my visit to Iceland last year (and my dream to visit Faroe Islands and Åland). I’m talking about the landscapes, the culture and the stories of those people who seem to be so far away from me, and that’s the reason why it’s like magic to me.

I must say that during my journeys, when I told other people that I’m from Israel, I was welcomed by the hosts and some were interested about the life there. And that’s the point with us, the Israelis – we really want to have a good and quiet life, without so much noise and problems. I’ve just finished a week off in Eilat – the southern place in Israel – and I can see just how true this is. As a country which has not so many friends among her neighbours, we feel ”stacking” in the middle together with people who doesn’t like you by definition. Maybe that’s the reason why I feel attracted to borders, while I hope to have a non-visible sometime in the future, like in the EU.

Anyway, I hope you’ve got a little bit of an Israeli perspective, and if you live in the Nordic countries (also if you don’t) – you’re more than welcome to add me as your friend on facebook.

Best regards,
Itamar Margalit