Ego post?

This will probably sound like an ego post, and maybe it is, but all I want to do is to express my gratitude.

I was thinking about this when I was out with my dog this morning. Some stranger called me a ”grumpy nobody on the internet” (in a group on Facebook) and it reminded me of when I did all those things (pro-Israel things), all those years ago, and when I travelled to Israel (all the time). Already at the airport a young woman in passport control said: ”I know who you are. I follow you on social media and I love you. Welcome to Israel.”

And then I was walking around the streets of Tel Aviv with some (lovely) local friends and someone shouted: ”Kim, is that you? I need to shake your hand.”

Or all the messages I recieved from strangers asking me out for dinner, because they wanted to show their ”appreciation”.
I met so many fabulous people.

Or when I received a message from someone who had seen me on television, and just wanted to say that I ”did a great job”.

Or the hundreds of emails I received. I printed them, and put them all in a folder and I read them whenever I’m feeling a bit low. (And there was only one negative email, from some Muhammed or Ahmed in Sweden, and I deleted it, cause I tend to delete all negativity. I don’t need it in my life.)

I’m in a very sentimental, nostalgic mood at the moment, because I have such a difficult birthday coming up in December. (And I don’t want to talk about it!) But I am thankful, because my brother didn’t get to be this OLD.

So, maybe I’m just a ”grumpy nobody on the internet”, but I had my fabulous days. Pretty well done by a working-class kid from an immigrant family from the countryside, with practically no friends and no encouragement in life.

I just followed my heart, and I chose my own path, and I’m pretty pleased with myself, actually.

The point being: thank you for your support and your lovely words. It all means so much to me.