A letter from Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a vibrant city and for someone who is looking for a good life and a good time… It has everything one wants. When I was young I had lived in New York City for a while, so I can compare… and I think I know what I’m talking about… I don’t know what people think about Israel in Sweden, but I have to explain that people who live here have no less fun (If they have the means to do it of course) than anywhere else in the world. Please believe me that one can live here for a long time without even thinking for a moment about politics or for example about the Arab-Israeli conflict!…

We’re going a lot to the theater and cinemas. Last weekend for example was a fun weekend. We went in midday to see ”West Side Story” which was performed in English by an American group at the Israeli Opera House in Tel Aviv. It was a great show with wonderful dancers and singers… After the show we went to a nice lunch at a restaurant not far from our apartment… The next day, on Saturday, we went again, this time to the theater to see a play. We saw ”Little man, what now?” At the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv. The play is an adaptation based on the book of the German author Hans Fallada

This time too we were lucky and it was a fine show with good actors. After the show We went to a nearby Café and enjoyed a light meal and a coffee. Then we went to a bookstore and bought some books in Hebrew. My wife Was ready to make reservations and to go to another visiting show from the Berlin theater which took place on Sunday but I told her that three shows in three days are a bit too much for me… I tell all these details only to explain that people live here quite nicely just like any other city in the world.

Next weekend we’ll probably go to a movie or meeting friends or both…

A greeting from Dan Sifri

Tel Aviv

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