”All over the country you can see Mosques, Churches and Synagogues”

Hi Kim
First of all I want to bless you for your initiative.

I see that people in Sweden don’t know about both sides of the Israeli-Arab problem and they have no idea about what is happening here in the everyday life. I want to help you to know more about it through sharing a few experiences.

First of all Israel is the ONLY DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY in the area (take a look at what is going in Syria). In Israel anyone can say what he wants, whenever he wants. Muslims, Jews and Christians have equals rights.

I personally studied in three institutes during my life and there were a lot of Muslims that studied in the same institutes and we didn’t have any problem to be together in the same classes, we helped each other in order to get the best scores in the exams, we gave learning material to each other, etc. etc.

All over the country you can see Mosques, Churches and Synagogues; everyone can pray in peace, according to her religion.

Unfortunately in the news you don’t see about all these daily experiences. People in Sweden are exposed just to one side of the truth, but the truth has two sides.

I invite all Swedish people to come here, we have an extremely great country.

Yesterday I went to Tel Aviv by bike and I saw a lot of tourists having a good time, the weather was excellent and comfortably warm.  The sea was blue and the mood… fantastic.

One week ago I was in Jerusalem with all my family, we saw Arabs, Jews, tourists, Christians respecting each other.

Israeli people don’t like war; we prefer to live in peace. Believe me, I live here and I know what I’m talking about.

Lis 🙂

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