”You only know what your media wants you to know”

Sometimes a ’comment’ becomes a ’letter’.


The answers to your claims, lays in your own comment:
1. B’Tselem בצלם & rememberthesechildren
2. ”Berlin Wall”
3. ”The world doesn’t care what you think”
4. ”What your nation is doing towards the Palestinians”

1. B’Tselem is a radical left-wing, civil organization, who is known for its inaccurate, sometime false or fictional information and manipulative facts. Btselem people have even ADMIT that their sample is not reliable, doesn’t reflect the specific death cases and therefor not valid. Btselem has admitted that several times in the past!

Here’s a simple one – Just the comparison between IDF and Gaza deaths is ridiculous and very wrong. Gaza has a few terror organizations. The most known ones are Hamas and Fatah, which are in a conflict between themselves and there are many mutal killings between these 2 groups. You must have seen the dead body, being dragged by a motorbike in the streets of Gaza – that’s a Fatah activists… His killing has nothing to do with the IDF.

If that is not enough, then there are also different tribes of Arabs living in Gaza. They never get married with each other and some are in a feud and runs a tribal militias. So yes, there are also killings between the Arab clans and families – all of that is something you never hear about in the commercial media.

Why do Bzelem and such organizations do this? 
– Money (lot of it!) which comes from anti-Israel organizations in both the radical Islam and the radical Christian world.
– Political agendas against the right parties (Israel has a full democracy)
– social agenda 


2. ”Berlin Wall” – That belongs to Berlin, so please let’s respect the memory of the WW2 victims and leave this topic in Germany.

As for the wall in Israel – 
Did you ever ask yourself how much money such a wall costs to make? If it was all about limiting people to move from one place to another, there would be no need for a wall. A much cheaper wire fence can do that job too. 

This wall is there to STOP the BULLETS flying from ARAB towns, by ARABS, over Israeli towns, roads and passing by Israeli people. 
I bet that no one ever bothers to report on that in your local media, but you can still find the facts around the net, among all the Anti-Israeli propaganda. 

As for preventing Arabs to move into Israel – this is a results of EXTREME TERROR ACTS, by ARABS since the 2nd Intifada in 2001 – Shooting attacks on Israeli, Suicide bombers in buses 3-4 times a week (yes!!! that’s REAL), explosive devices in public places in the major cities in Israel, and of course 13 years of Rockets (Kasam, Grads etc) being shot from Gaza, over Israeli cities, despite Arafat sign on the Oslo Agreements!

Do you still wanna talk about the ”Berlin Wall”? 
They may have to build one in Malmö, one day…


3. ”The world doesn’t care what you think”

I think that this blog and many others prove this to be wrong too 
(Thanks Kim) and that without talking about the many politicians, academic people and artists around the world, who show their support for Israel. 


4. ”What your nation is doing towards the Palestinians”

Well – what do you know about that? 
What do you know about the reasons? 
What do you know about the different Arab tribes who migrated to Israel in the past 200 years and now, they call themselves ”Palestinians” since 1967… 

– You know ONLY what your MEDIA WANTS YOU TO KNOW.
The academic term to this phenomenon is – ”Construction of reality”. The media may be accepted as an official and reliable source of information, while in actual, it’s a commercial business. Like any other businesses, it’s meant to make profit. In this case it’s adverts. The only way to expose the audience to it is how to make them keep watching it. Therefore – over-dramas, shock, negative information, war, fights, conflicts, blood libels… 

I guess that you have never seen in your local news any reports about Barkan factories, in Samaria (a part of the so called ”West Bank” since recent years). This is where Arabs and Israelis have been working together for almost 30 years now and are all doing perfectly fine! 
BTW, if you support the boycott of these factories, remember that the people you hurt are the Arabs who live in Samaria and have no other way to make a living (no, the Palestinian authority doesn’t develop any employment or infrastructure, for it’s citizens – Israel does that part).


I hope that this was read with care and attention.
If you really are interested in this topic, you can easily find a lot of valid information about Mass media, IDF, Israel, Jews, Anti-Israel organizations, The New Anti-Semitism, Hamas, Fatah, Oslo agreement, the wall, rockets, British Mandatory, Israel’s wars, Jewish history and archeology, who those ”Palestinians” really are and even their part in Hitler’s forces… 

– It’s all out there – you just have to switch your mind from consuming adverts to learning, and start to accept the fact that you’ve been fooled and brainwashed by very evil people – I know who they are, what they are like, so I can’t blame you for your false assaults.


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  1. I conduct enjoy the particular way you’ve got presented this situation plus that really does give me personally a lots of fodder pertaining to consideration. On one other hand, coming from just what I’ve got observed, I basically hope as the feed-back stack with that individuals continue for being about point in addition to don’t embark on any soap package associated with the reports du jour. Anyway, thank you due to this superb point plus whilst My spouse and i do not always agree along with this with totality, I regard the factor of view.

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