A letter of appreciation

Hi everyone,

The first introduction with Kim’s blog was in the Israeli independence day of 2012 in an article I read. I was amazed to see the dedication of Kim of convincing the Swedish media that israelis are actually trying to live their life like everyone else.

There are many obstacles on the way to a stable agreement with the Palestinians. Israelis are suspicious because of the terrorist groups. But we still believe that conditions will change over time.

I wanna thank Kim for his courage to stand up against the Swedish media and speak in a different voice. It’s not an easy task and I’m sure Kim is not having fun about it. I admire his dedication and hope that others will follow him, through a true understanding of the Middle East jungle and the interests of both sides.


Yair Halachmi
Rosh Ha’ain

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  1. Its funny you crib about serving in the army when hundreds and thousands of Palestinians your people displaced are living in utter poverty in refugee camps! They’ve been displace from their own homes! ethnically cleansed, killed and maimed all in the name of finding a safe jewish homeland!

    I have nothing against you but I hate the fact that jews justify what they’re doing to the Palestinians on grounds on what happened to them through history! the Palestinians did nothing to you,so what justified occupying their country and their homes and leaving them in refugee camps!

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