Dagens mail

Jag som brukar gnälla över att så många bara skriver ”hej” eller ”:-)” fick idag svar på tal. Jag kan inte sluta skratta.
Han kallar sig Honey.
(I och med att detta så uppenbart är ett massutskick så drar jag mig inte för att publicera det här.)
Läs nedan.

Hi there my name is Honey I am a 27 year-old originally from Nazareth, but I work in Tel Aviv
I’m a passive guy loves to have sex with men with experience in sex and things that I love them Atzlkium sex are my hope pleases your eyes
Nsicotfh my love to your mouth – like Lhfk you – you love to suck your cock – love to ask you to enter me only with a condom Hazor Sichhal water-based – you love to lick your feet – you like to kiss your feet – like to ask you to convene the leg Sllachbtoc here my fingers start to move your leg in my mouth – like to ask you to step on my stomach and your legs – like to ask you to do anything to me as I dip hot horny me enough that I rub my dick with the use of your legs until I finish
If you happen to like your eyes Please enter my Yafia Lmsngr to make your chat conversation
Now want to tell you a true story happened in my life when I spent an early age and that’s what made me to be gay and be an amateur legs of male-only
When I was home at the age of 10 years, I felt a strange feeling in my body was feeling so despise
My whole body was very hot but without pain and my penis was a little stand and know what is the reason
One day aquatic came to our house to my uncle, my mother’s brother So when I saw my uncle feeling that I felt here in the past back to me the reason is that when I saw my uncle felt sexual passion that was quite high with long legs and huge giant size big a size 49 His leg then Bekar I saw all this home very horny
Suddenly my uncle came into the living room or guest room and sat on Hsofa put both his feet on the floor and started doing two horny moves his feet and put a blanket over his legs and began to move both his legs so I continued to watch the movement of his legs and Personal home stands, then falls on My legs and crawls with his legs Azcasr’m creeping closer home with his feet I got myself into the blanket and saw two of his legs movements makes them horny so I approached his legs and grabbed his foot and finger and placed it on my penis at the end of the finger began to move his leg used my index finger on the tip of my cock quickly so when I moved a finger to my house my uncle’s leg immediately home watching my uncle face and saw him smiling at me so I home ashamed of myself and then my left hand finger over his foot finger Then Uncle My finger moved and changed his leg and put his foot on the huge expansion length of my penis and started rubbing me up and down my cock until I come home So when I come home as I began to kiss his feet and severity of suffering without control myself then picked up my uncle’s leg put it on my stomach for crushed me under his feet because I like it I grew up on it and waited for myself to be 18 and look at me man I do I fulfill all these things that I love them with all my heart
If you happen to like your eyes please contact me in touch through this Yafia you Aimil
I defend and I have a camera
I look so please pleases your eyes
Hair: Black
Eyes: honey
Face: pale
Height: 184
Weight: 70 pounds made
My body structure: a part in the back of my stomach and chest body slim shapely training
I’m an optimistic guy used to love to meet people I like honey a good athlete playing football loving friends
Touch my face I look pretty normal but I’m not handsome and that I have a sexy body look good and attractive the men in the middle of my body
My hope would please your eyes
Wish you good day
Best regards

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