Dagens mail

hello boy
wow man, you are so handsome!
your eyes are fantastic
I saw your picture here in this site and clicked, than I saw you
wow, congratulations
dont you want to talk a bit? I have pics from myself if you want to see
see you
/Gosse, 19, Brasilien
Svar: Well thank you, mister.
You are a bit too young for me though. And a bit too far away..
Han fortsatte:
well, the distance is not a problem
I would easily go until where you are just to see you a bit
but well, thhe age difference is something that is important
I am a mature guy, not a child
but it is more about “chemistry”, you dont like younger guys probably
not around my age, but no worries
if you want at least a friend
you can talk to me
thanks for answering me
you are a nice man

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