Ha haa! Ibland slår det mig vilken stereotyp jag är! “Konversation” med katten: “Kom, ska vi gå in i vardagsrummet och titta på Cher-konsert? Det var jättelääänge sen vi tittade på Cher”.
Hon är rolig:
“I’ve been a freakin’ diva for 40 freakin’ years. And there are all these young girls to take – well, they’re not gonna take my place, but they’re gonna take somebody’s place – J.Lo and Britney and all those girls. If you wanna know why I wanted to make this show so fabulous it is because then I’m gonna say: “Follow this, you bitches!””
Hon är underbar. Såg henne i Globen 15/6 2004 och det var fabulous.
Mera Cher som självterapi:
“Do everything you can do, now! I wish I would have been the baddest ass girl, and I was pretty bad, but I wish I would have been worse. I went, “should I do this, should I do this?”, the hell with it. Do it! You can always look back and go, “shit, I shouldn’t have done that””.