A letter from Telem

Dear Kim, and other people from Sweden 🙂

I would love to share my thoughts about my land, Israel.

I live in a nice settlement called Telem, which is in the territories that Israel released in the war of 1967.
Israel had taken these territories from Jordan. They don’t claim these territories from Israel today.

I feel that the land of Israel belong to the Jewish nation. I feel that I have the right and obligation to protect it.
Of course, other people are invited to stay (especially if they’re generally nice).
Every country has it’s minorities, and residents who are not full rights citizens.

I feel that it’s a true shame for my country, that some of the Arabs who live in Israel lack basic Human Rights.
I think that Israel should take care of it immediately, but absolutely not by giving our land to other people.
No reason to do that, and no logic (especially since we have more than a few examples of how Arab countries run…).

I feel very frustrated to know how the conflict is displayed in the media around the world.
Thank you, Kim, for doing this 🙂

My name is Tali Sapir, and I would gladly keep in touch with whomever wants to 🙂
If anyone wants a place to stay during a trip to Israel, they are invited to contact us, too 🙂


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