”The state of Israel had to be founded in order to protect us, the Jews, from the world”

I’m writing these lines while watching the news. Listening to the reporter saying there has been a terror attack against Israelis in Bulgaria. For now, it says 7 innocent people have lost their lives. The numbers will probably, unfortunately, increase.

Israelis and Jews around the world have always been a favorite target for the radical Islamic terror organizations.

I’m thinking about all the people who say: ”the terror against Jews is only because of the occupation”. They say that if the state of Israel didn’t exist (on occupied Palestinian land), there won’t be terror and hatred against Jews around the world.

Well, I guess I wasn’t aware of the fact that the Israeli occupation existed also during the holocaust, for example. Of course there had been many other events of hate towards Jews, but I’m taking the holocaust as a major argument to that claim.

I find that claim, that the existence of Israel is the reason for the hate – ridiculous, and also insulting.

The state of Israel had to be founded in order to protect us, the Jews, from the world. We needed a country that will stand up for us and protect us, because no other country did when we were being slaughtered in Europe. No other country stood up for us and shouted about one of the most horrible crimes against humanity throughout the history of mankind.

I find myself thinking a lot about the unjust hate towards us. It breaks my heart to see how Israel is being reviewed in the international media, being criticized in every opportunity.

The percentage of the Jewish people in the world is about 0.2%. The percentage of the Arab population in the world is about 23%.

And yet, Jews and Israelis are making such a big contribution to the world. Whether it’s the Nobel prizes some of us receive in medicine, science, economy, math and more; whether it’s the Israeli High-Tech companies, which contributes to the progress of technology around the world and much more.

Islam, which is supposed to be ”the religion of peace”, stands as a contradiction to the Jewish and Christian religions. They hate, they terror, the kill innocent people only because of their beliefs, their way of life and their religion.

How can the world be so blind to the truth? This thought keeps harassing me. I can’t understand that.

There is a sentence I heard once, and I believe it’s true:
”The Arabs have passion for death, as much as the Jews have for living”.

We love life. We cherish our lives and even our enemies’ lives. We think that the gift of life is the most sacred thing there is. And we will keep believing and longing for a better future for us. Because we love life and we will never give up.

I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the support you give us.
It gives us strength and optimism.

Bless you, friend.

Segev Moses.

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