Israel: Läsvärt

Compared to her neighbours, Israel is a paragon of democracy, human rights and virtue. Paradoxically, however, these are just the things that Israel finds herself attacked over in the media and elsewhere. Of course, when so many journalists are stationed in such a small country, any indiscretions are likely to be magnified and turned into international news.
Indeed, an Israeli misdemeanor can make headlines while comparable or far worse incidents from Arab states will go completely unreported. So why is it that the mainstream media has only just discovered that a real human rights abuser in the form of Egyptian President Mubarak has been oppressing his people for nearly three decades?
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Nu när Egypten är på tapeten så tycker jag att ni ska läsa ljuva Lisa Abramowicz (en riktig hjältinna som varje dag ger mig värdefulla lästips på Facebook) Kontakterna mellan Egypten och det judiska folket genom historien (som dock fick en annan rubrik på