Israel: Bästa artikeln någonsin

Idag dök den upp – artikeln som sammanfattar nästan allt jag någonsin försökt få fram i mitt bloggande om Israel VS världen.
Läs och njut! Kanske blir du, liksom jag, tårögd! (Satt dessutom på tunnelbanan och läste och snyftade.)
Några utdrag för den late/stressade:

While tens of millions of Arabs have been suffering for decades from brutal oppression, while gays have been tortured and writers jailed and women humiliated and dissidents killed, the world — yes, the world — has obsessed with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
While self-righteous Israel bashers have scrutinized every flaw in Israel’s democracy — some waxing hysterical that the Jewish democratic experiment in the world’s nastiest neighborhood had turned into an embarrassment — they kept their big mouths shut about the oppression of millions of Arabs throughout the Middle East.
They cried foul if Israeli Arabs — who have infinitely more rights and freedoms than any Arabs in the Middle East — had their rights compromised in any way. But if a poet were jailed in Jordan or a gay man were tortured in Egypt or a woman were stoned in Syria, all we heard was screaming silence.
Imagine if, instead of putting Israel under their critical and hypocritical microscope, the world’s Israel bashers had taken Israel’s imperfect democratic experiment and said to the Arab world: Why don’t you try to emulate the Jews?
Why don’t you give equal rights to your women and gays, just like Israel does?
Why don’t you give your people the same freedom of speech and freedom to vote that Israel does? And offer them the economic opportunities they would get in Israel? Why don’t you treat your Jewish and Christian citizens the same way Israel treats its Arab and Christian citizens?

När jag läser artikelns sista rader så ryser jag. ”When I see poor Arab souls being murdered for the simple act of protesting on the street, I’ve never felt more proud of being a supporter of the Jewish state.”
Författaren David Suissa skriver på Twitter: ”Thank you for your amazing response to latest article on Israel. Keep sending me feedback. World needs to know the truth” och jag ryser lite till.
Läs hela artikeln här. Just do it!
Och därmed var allt sagt och jag kan pensionera bloggen min.
Nej, skulle inte tro det va? Men nu tar jag helg. Vi hörs på måndag, gullungar!