”We love living, and we’ll do everything in our power to safeguard life”

Dear Kim,

You asked for letters from Israelis so here is my two-cents-worth.
I actually don’t want to write about conflicts. I don’t want to write about Gaza or the Palestinians.
What I always wanted is for people around the world to understand what we are really like, and not what is shown on television.
So what are we like? I guess the best way is to describe what I like best about Israel.
First and foremost I love the food! Almost any restaurant you walk into in Israel you are sure to get freshly made excellent food. Since there are both eastern and western influences, the fusion here is fantastic.
We are a free spirited nation, full of ambition, color, diversity, creativity and spirituality. This is why we are so successful in information technologies. We can improvise and innovate better than any other nation.
We love living, and we’ll do everything in our power to safeguard life. That is why we have so many medical instrument companies and start-ups. Medical care is one of the top priorities in the country.
I guess I will stop here and continue this another day because it is getting late.

Best regards,


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