Vet ni hur trött jag är på såna här mail från horiga män?

Hej. I am now in Helsingborg and I’ll be in Stockholm this Saturday afternoon, 21st June till Sunday evening, 22nd June. I want to meet you to have sex with you the way you like it in my hotel room or at your place on Saturday afternoon, evening or Sunday morning, afternoon. When exactly can you? What are you into? What do you like when you have sex? I am versatile and passionate. I like it kinky. Please send me your xxx photos, if you have some. Please give me your mobile number to get in touch by sms or send me an sms on Saturday where and when exactly to meet. 0040745057***. J*hn. Tack sa mycket.
Patetiska knullhoror. Som kärlekstörstande tar jag det som en fet förolämpning.
When exactly can you, liksom.

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