Frustration and anger

Dear Kim,

First of all I would like to thank and applaude you for your ”bravery” and ”integrity” in search of the truth. RESPECT to you!‫

I’m an Israeli living in Europe and I write this letter out of frustration and anger of the news media and journalists in Europe/Scandinavia, for the injustice they do to Israel‫,‬ with their lack of journalistic integrity and their corrupt reports!

Since my first days in Europe in 1980 I have seen groups of Palestinians going door to door ‫-‬ spreading their propaganda, lies, and smearing Israel as evil and as the occupier of their land.
Now, 32 years later, you can see it’s not just small time propaganda.
They took over most news medias across Europe and Scandinavia‫,‬ deciding what would be said and shown on the news, and basically portraying the Palestinian terrorists as the under dogs, the freedom fighters, the victims of the conflict. By not reporting the terror attacks on innocents victims – women and children, only reporting when Israel retaliates back, and portraying Israel as the aggressor and as the one who attacked first.

As I’m writing these lines at 12.30 (Tuesday 19.06.12) I see an update on the Israeli news: Children in the south of Israel may not go further than 15 seconds from a bomb shelter.

2 hours later new headlines: 13 Qassam rockets has been fired on Israel.
At 17:00: 33 Qassams rockets and mortars shells has been fired on Israel, targeting innocent civilians!!
20:00: New headlines: More than 100 rockets and mortar shells has been fired on Israel! Did you hear about it‫?

I haven’t heard a word of it on any Dutch, Belgian, German or any European news station, nor on the CNN or the BBC .
When I tell my friends about the rocket attacks they think I’m crazy! Because they haven’t heard one word about it on the news.
Just like a few months ago when the Hamas launched more than 200 rockets in 48 hours‫.‬ Finally when Israel retaliated they said on the news that Israel had attacked Gaza first‫.‬
Shortly after the ceasefire was signed, Hamas still lunched more rockets throughout the whole day.‬
Finally after 12 hours Israel finally retaliated‫,‬ and you guessed it.. in the news they blamed Israel for violating the ceasefire.

So the media hides information and actually falsifies information over events in the Middle East.
Even worse, in schools in Europe kids are getting false education over the history of Palestine and Israel. So they grow up to believe the Arab lies.
Israel is painted by world news media as evil and the big mighty power in the Middle East, if you really look at the map and compare Israel to its Arab neighbours, you’ll see that Israel is the smallest country in the area, with just 7 millions Jews and 1.5 million Arabs.

And to defend it, every Jewish man and woman has to do years of army service.
But did you know that from such a small land comes so much wisdom and knowledge for the benefit of the whole world?
Did you know that there are more Jewish Nobel price winners than of any other country in the world‫?

Inventing technologies for mobile phones, computers, TV, safety and health instruments, green electric cars, water irrigations etc…
Almost every week I read of a new invention that will improve the quality of life some where around the world, also in the medical world‫,‬ Israel invents more cures and medicine than most countries in the world.
The most amazing thing they just developed: A vaccination and cure for cancer which already cures 90% of all cancer sorts and will be available for the whole world in 2020.
When people come to my door to collect donations for fighting cancer, I think to myself, send that money to Israel, the’ll know how to use it the best.

When I think of how much money the Palestinians are getting from around the world every year, and what they do with it: Suicide bombs‫,‬ Qassams rockets and Corrupt‫ ‬private bank accounts – Arafat had 90 million $ in his private bank account.
Did you know that the Palestinians teach and brainwash their children from a very young age, to blow themselves up as suicide bombers and to kill and to hate Jews‫?‬

Although an Israeli hospital will take care of thousands of sick and wounded Palestinians‫,‬ the Palestinians on the other hand lynched to death three Israelis who accidentally entered Palestinian territory.
Although Israel is willing to recognize Palestine as a neighbouring state and give up some of its land for them, the Palestinians are not willing to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people‫.‬ Bizarre‫!

Israel is the only land in the Middle East that permits complete freedom of religion to all.
And the only true democracy with freedom of speech and equal rights‫ ,‬to that extent that people who are actually supporting the enemy‫ ‬(Hamas) are members of the Israeli parliament. In any other country those parliament members would be in jail for treason or even be hung‫!‬

Israel has existed for 3500 years as the only state of the Jewish people and has never ever been another state of any other people, in the history on that piece of land. And that’s a fact!‫!‬

Israel is not the only victim of islam, but it is the toughest victim so far.
And yet I see Europe and Scandinavia still supporting the spread of islam and condemning Israel.

But seeing the news reports in Europe and Scandinavia I don’t blame you‫,‬ I probably would condemn Israel too if I did‫’‬t know better‫ ,‬that’s why I find the work of Kim Milrell so important! It’s about the TRUTH and it’s a Moral Obligation to share it!


”For some reason the Israeli people are always referred to as one; as the government”

Dear Swedes,

Four months ago I finally made the decision to move to Israel. I was born here, but have been living in Denmark with my Danish mother since the age of two. I was raised as a Christian, with Danish values and with a “Robin Hood-idealism” that always told me, that I should always cheer for the weak and suppressed.

When I decided to move here, quite a lot of people asked me how I could support the Israeli government and its policies towards the Palestinians. I never quite understood this question.

Israel is so much more than war and politics. A huge amount of the Swedes must also live in a country without supporting the government! In Scandinavia many of us are raised with the idea that generalization is bad. It’s not correct to say that all Muslims are criminals or that all blondes are stupid. But for some reason the Israeli people are always referred to as one; as the government.

I honestly don’t know much about Israeli politics, and I don’t know much about the Jewish-Palestinian conflict, but I do know one thing: the Scandinavian media should NOT be the people’s source of reality! It has happened a thousand times that my Danish friends expected me to explain the actions of “the Israeli monster”. They’d heard a new story about a missile attack from Israel, and many times they actually almost convinced me that my country of birth was like the new Hitler; torturing the poor Palestinians that were unable to fight back. That was until I visited Israeli news sites and read the articles about the reasons for the attacks.

For some reason the Scandinavian media has decided to make the people hate Israel. I don’t know why, and I’m not saying that Israel is a saint in this conflict. I’m just saying that there are always two sides of the story, but in Scandinavia you only hear one of them!

Another important information, that may surprise a few Swedes is, that Israel never aims to hurt any civilians! There is always a reason for the act – then the individual can decide for itself whether it thinks it’s a good one. Israel doesn’t wish to hurt the Palestinians. The government is simply trying to defend the country and protect its people!

People forget (or don’t know) that Israel is a country just like any other. We go out, we laugh, and we travel and have family dinners. When I say that I think the Scandinavians could learn a lot from the Israelis, people look at me like I’m crazy! But I do think that Israelis are some of the kindest, most open and warm-hearted people I’ve ever met. The mentality is not aggressive or war-minded. People don’t believe me when I say so, but the few that take the chance and come to see the country with their own eyes, they always come back.

We have SO much to show you; we are SO much more than war and politics; we are tired of being misunderstood!

Maja Olsen